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Not usually one for drinking great northern but id happily sip from that bottle.

I quite like warm beer.So keep it up if you can Still on the cold v warm theme Surely warm is better . All you ladies and girls watching and eavesdropping,select a good sized Cucumber ,pop it in the microwave(not for too long,take it out after it gets to eating temperature, pop into bed with it, and let' us know your findings (Working out included). What a good Austalian tradition ,travel around sponge red by different states , Ha ha at least there is a good use for the beer , defiantly not a Solo man " GREAT NORTHERN AIL WOMEN" new marketing ? Wow one of the horniest vids ive seen in a long time makes me proud to be a rockhard beer drinkiing Aussie watching you , awsum pussy indeed. Best use of a Great Northern I have seen. You look good with that in your pussy hole. I would so love to drin that beer then lick your gorgeous pussy ! Love this vid!